It seems you’ve been here all along.

I have lived within two hours of Noosa for most of my life. I’ve been there a handful of times and each time I struggled with the busy-ness of it all.  I’m talking about Hastings Street, of course. I’ve never stayed in Noosa so my visits to Hastings Street were fleeting. Most of my time was spent in traffic, or looking for a car park.

Noosa is a popular spot! Cars creep along at a snail’s pace down Hastings Street and the bars, restaurants, and footpaths are filled with holiday-makers and locals. I used to wonder what the attraction was. What made Noosa different to any other spot along the coast?

I found my answer.

Noosa National Park.

Noosa National Park Vista The Little Weekender

This photo doesn’t even do it justice.

For years, Mr Little Weekender has been pestering me to go to Noosa National Park. And I’ve pushed back. Time and time again.

So, for our first little adventure in 2016 – I finally agreed.

I’ve been missing out on this gem for so long.

The National Park is just over a kilometre away from Hastings Street. You can walk there on footpaths and boardwalks following the coast. There is parking at the entrance, but get there early to secure a park.

There is more than 15km of walking tracks within the park. Some follow the coast, and reward you with amazing ocean views. Other tracks take you inland which provide you with shade and respite from these hot summer days. With varying degrees of difficulty, there is something for everyone. You can find more info and a good map of the walking tracks here.

Walking Tracks Noosa National Park The Little Weekender

We had Miss Z (2-year-old) with us so we knew we wouldn’t be exploring too far. We chose the coastal track and headed off for Dolphin Point about a kilometre away. We could only go as fast as the slowest member of our team, so it took some time. Pretty sure our little explorer inspected every rock and twig she came across. Lucky we had some great tasting coffees from the café on site to see us through.

The thing that surprised me the most about the Noosa Headland was the water. Gorgeous, clear water. Reminiscent of the Whitsundays.

Clear Blue Water Noosa The Little Weekender

Dolphin Point didn’t live up to its name on the day, however we did see our first koala in the wild. It was a wonderful sight to see and would have made the day of so many tourists, as it did ours.

Noosa National Park Koala The Little Weekender

We headed back to Tea Tree Bay for our reward. A swim in those azure waters. It was a day where the water temp was refreshing, but not cold. Perfect. The rolling swell was just enough to keep it interesting. I was envious of the girls who planned ahead and brought tubes to float around in. I could see myself doing this with a mojito in hand. I’ll keep that idea up my sleeve for my next visit…sans child!

Tea Tree Bay Noosa National Park The Little Weekender

There is plenty of shade at Tea Tree Bay and it feels like the sort of place you could while away the day with a good book, only stopping for regular dips in the ocean.

This was an easy day trip from Brisbane for The Little Weekender – a great location to feel like you’re on holidays…even just for a day. Perfect for a Sunday before the working week starts again.

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